• My clip broke! What do I do?

    Sorry to hear that! Please call our customer service center at 1-800-537-2191 and they can help you with replacements. In the meantime, you could tuck the end of the bandage under the wrapped layers as a temporary fix.

  • The hook fastener on my brace doesn’t stick together very well anymore. What can I do?

    It could be that it just needs a good cleaning. String, lint and other materials get trapped on the hook and loop surfaces, clogging them up so they don’t mesh together. Start by picking out any pieces you see stuck to the material. Then you can gently clean the loop side with something soft but firm, like a toothbrush. This will help make the loops stand up more if they have become flattened. You could add warm water and a mild detergent to the toothbrush head and scrub the hook side as well. These steps should help with better adhesion. If not, the hook and loop material may be old or damaged, and may need to be replaced.

  • If my support gets dirty, will I be able to clean it?

    Yes, you can clean ACE™ Brand Braces and Supports. First, if your support has hinges, remove them. Then close all straps and fasteners and hand wash with mild soap in warm (not hot) water. Rinse well and air dry. DO NOT machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean or use fabric softener or bleach on the brace. For general cleaning instructions, please go to our Care Instructions page.You can also refer to the product package and/or the individual product pages on the ACE™ Brand website for care instructions specific to each product.

  • How tight should a brace be to be effective?

    You want the brace to fit snugly in order to get the benefits of warmth and compression, but you do not want it so tight that it starts to restrict blood flow. If it is uncomfortable, it is probably too tight.

    Each product has a sizing guide on the package to help you determine the best product fit for you.

  • When using the tennis elbow support where should the air cushion be placed?

    The location of the pad is different depending on the injury. For tennis elbow, you should place the pad on the top-outside of your forearm. For golfer's elbow, you should place the pad on the lower-inside of your forearm.

    It may be helpful to watch the ACE™ Brand Tennis Elbow Support video

  • What type of product do you have for daily wear for plantar fasciitis?

    We have two products for help with plantar fasciitis, one for day wear and one for night wear. Our ACE™ Brand Therapeutic Arch Support offers a unique solution for relieving foot, arch and heel pain by offering compression, support and cushioning all in one product.

    Our ACE™ Brand Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support is soft and breathable for overnight use and helps relieve morning foot and heel pain.

  • Can I wear my support at night when I am sleeping?

    Our braces and supports are designed to be worn during the day only. They should not be worn overnight, therefore should be removed prior to going to bed. The exceptions to this are the ACE™ Brand Night Wrist Sleep Support and the ACE™ Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support. Both are designed specifically for night use, to help provide a restful night's sleep for people experiencing wrist or foot pain. But as always, please consult with your physician for recommendations.

    The ACE brand Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support is not recommended for individuals with diabetes, neuropathy or vascular disease, and is not intended for load bearing.

  • Why is your plantar fasciitis night brace not recommended for diabetics?

    We include a caution with this product because some people living with diabetes experience increased skin sensitivity or frailty, and it can be very easy to cut or scrape the skin on their feet and legs. The ACE™ Brand Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support has straps that can rub and compress and potentially cause abrasions on sensitive skin that can be difficult to heal for some individuals who have diabetes.

  • Do you wear a sock under or over the ACE™ Brand Elasto-Preene™ Ankle Support?

    It is best to wear the ACE™ Brand Elasto-Preene™ Ankle Support under your sock, not over it, to get the most out of its compression and heat retention benefits. This will help you get the best support and stability for your ankle.

  • Can I wear my brace while swimming?

    We do not recommend that you wear a brace or support while swimming, because wearing one in the water can shorten the life of the product’s materials. Also, the materials can become water logged and the support may not then fit the joint properly.

  • How long can I wear the Elasto-preene ankle support?

    Your best guide to how long you should wear any support is your doctor. The ACE™ Brand Elasto-Preen™ Ankle Support is designed to provide long-lasting wearing comfort, with neoprene blend materials and finished edges. It also provides compression and heat retention, so we recommend it for daytime use only and not for wearing while sleeping. However, depending on your injury and/or other health concerns, your doctor may recommend that you wear it for shorter periods or for longer periods. Please consult with your physician for the best guidelines for you.

  • Do you have a triangle style arm sling?

    The ACE™ Brand Arm Sling is available in one style which is called an envelope design, allowing it to be used with a cold compress. It features an adjustable, padded shoulder strap and a thumb loop to hold the hand in an ideal position.

  • I can't seem to find my original box/directions and I want to make sure I put the product on properly.

    We try to include directions for all of our products on each product page on our website, so if you ever lose the outer box, you can always go there for help. For directions and accompanying illustrations for your particular product, go to the Wear & Care tab on that product detail page.

  • Does your back brace come in bigger than XLG size?

    At this time, we do not offer a size larger than XL in the ACE™ Brand Deluxe Back Stabilizer. However, we do offer additional types of back braces that are adjustable to fit waist sizes up to 48".

  • How do I change my reversible splint brace so it fits on my left hand?

    Slide the metal splint out of the pocket of the ACE™ Brand Reversible Splint Wrist Brace. Hold the splint steady, rotate the brace and slide the splint into the opposite pocket opening. Tuck the end of the splint into the pocket. Follow the wear instructions provided in the package. You can also watch the demo video.

  • Is there an expiration date on the instant cold pack? If not, how long is the shelf life?

    The ACE™ Brand Instant Cold Compress has a shelf life of 5 years, provided it has been properly stored at room temperature. Each pack is stamped with a Julian date code telling you when it was manufactured, starting with the year and followed by the day of the year. For example: The code stamp is 13025. This means the pack was manufactured in 2013, on the 25th day of the year, so January 25, 2013. If your instant cold compress is older than five years, there is a chance it still will work if it has been properly stored. However, if it has expired, you may want to replace it.

  • I don't have a microwave, are there other ways to heat my ACE™ Brand hot pack?

    Yes, you can heat the pack using hot water. Here are the directions: Hot Water Heating: 1. Bring 3 quarts of water to a rolling boil. 2. Remove water from heat. Place pack in heated water for no more than 7 minutes. 3. Remove pack carefully from water. Applying Hot Pack to Skin: 1. As with all hot or cold packs, check for leaks before use. Throw pack away if it is leaking. 2. Insert pack in cover or wrap in cloth. 3. Check for desired temperature by carefully placing covered pack against forearm. If too hot, let cool. When comfortable, apply pack to desired area. Remove pack if it becomes uncomfortable.

  • Can I put my hot/cold pack from freezer to microwave?

    We recommend that you bring the gel pack to room temperature before heating it in the microwave. The heating instructions are based on the gel pack being at room temperature, and this will give the most accurate results. If time is an issue, you can take the gel pack from the freezer and place it in a bowl of room temperature water for 5 – 10 minutes and then microwave it.

  • I am having muscle spasms in back and rib front area. Do I use both hot or cold? And how often?

    Hot/Cold therapy can help with spasms depending on the cause and nature of the spasms. We recommend checking with your physician for advice on treatment for your specific situation. Duration of use can vary by product. Refer to the directions for use on our package or see the Care Instructions section on our website for helpful information.

  • What products do you have for hot/cold therapy?

    We have several products offering hot/cold therapy. Everything from an instant cold pack to a hot/cold reusable multi-purpose wrap. Visit our product catalog to see our full line of hot/cold therapy products.

  • Can I reuse my instant cold pack? It says it’s disposable, but what if I put it in the freezer and use it again?

    The ACE™ Brand Instant Cold Compress should always be stored at room temperature, and should NEVER be placed in the freezer. Once the cold compress is activated (when you squeeze on the pack, the inner liquid bubble breaks, activating the cold mechanism) and it has served its purpose, it should be thrown away. It is designed to be used only once, primarily in emergency situations.

    For a cold pack that is reusable, try the ACE™ Brand Reusable Cold Compress. Other options include the Hot & Cold Compress with Sleeve and Compression Wrap, a Hot & Cold Back Wrap and a Hot & Cold Multipurpose Wrap, all of which are reusable.

  • Where can I get extra gel packs? I need to use the compress longer than the pack stays cold.

    The hot & cold pack that comes with the ACE™ Brand Hot & Cold Multipurpose Wrap is no longer sold separately from the wraps. You can, however, use the Nexcare™ Reusable Cold/Hot Pack with this wrap.

    Regarding the length of time the cold pack lasts, our packs are designed based on the R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) formula and from doctors' recommendation of cooling or heating an injury in 20 minute intervals (20 minutes on/20 minutes off). This will help to prevent frostbite or burns to an area.

  • What is Elasto-Preene?

    Elasto-Preene™ is a soft, breathable material that is an innovative combination of elastic and neoprene blend materials. It retains heat in targeted areas to help improve circulation. It contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

  • What is the best method for wrapping my injury with an elastic bandage?

    You can find all of our wrapping demonstration videos on our ACE™ Brand Wrapping How-To’s page.

    You can salso see our "how to wrap" videos on our YouTube page.

  • Do you have any products that are okay to use if someone is allergic to latex?

    Yes, a great many of our ACE™ Brand products are not made with natural rubber latex. If this is the case, it will say so right on the front of the product package. It will also be indicated on the product itself as well as on the instructions contained in the package.

    If an ACE brand product doescontain latex, there will be a caution statement on the packaging, the instructions and on the product itself.

  • My self-adhering bandage no longer sticks to itself, what do you suggest?

    If the last 5-6 inches of material begins to lose its adhesiveness, you can still secure the bandage by tucking the end of the bandage underneath the last wrap or by cutting off this portion with scissors.

    Because of the bandage's unique self-adhesive feature, it will stick to itself through several wearings. After this time, it may be necessary to use a fresh bandage. NOTE: Washing will generally reduce the degree of self-adhesiveness.

  • Is there anything in an ace bandage that could cause itchiness of the skin on someone?

    There are no materials in the ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage that are known to cause irritation. The elastic bandages are made from cotton, polyester and synthetic rubber. They are not made with natural rubber latex or dyes. If you have experienced irritation while wearing an ACE brand elastic bandage, it could be from extended use or contact dermatitis – if the wrapped skin gets sweaty, it can sometimes itch. Irritation could also occur if the bandage hasn’t been washed in a while. If you do experience skin irritation, please contact our customer support team at 1-800-537-2191.

  • What is the best way to care for my elastic bandage?

    Rinse your ACE™ Brand Bandage in lukewarm water by hand. To prolong the life of the bandage DO NOT scrub the bandage. Dry the bandage by laying it out flat on a clean surface. After the bandage has dried, roll the bandage as you would after using it. Be sure to smooth out all wrinkles. This is essential for re-bandaging. No ironing is required.

    You can also refer to the Care Instructions page for care instructions on all ACE™ Brand Products.

  • What is your phone number?

    The phone number for our Customer Service line is 1-800-537-2191. You can also use our Click to Chat feature to speak with a customer service representative online.